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Access Control

Access control systems allow managers or site administrators to manage who has access to certain areas and at certain times.  An access control system can allow you to unlock your doors during business hours and lock them down immediately if needed. They allow you to create reports or view history on who has entered through a door at a particular time.  They also allow you to give temporary access to individuals or remove individuals access with out re-keying the lock.  

Whether you are wanting card readers, pin codes, biometrics or remote release, HSI has all the latest technology for your access control install. If you are looking to add an access control system to your building or office location, we can help.

HSI has the knowledge and experience your looking for when it comes to the installation and service of your access control and electronic locking hardware system.


If your security solution is a single door, stand alone electrified push button lock or a multi-door, multi-facility access control system connected across your network, HSI can help design, implement and maintain the solution that best fits your needs.

Heath Security Installations also offers service and repairs to existing access control systems.  

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